New Feeds

The regular feed update – this one is fairly substantial with new blogs from all over the place.

Astronomy Picture of the Day – excellent images from NASA that truly inspire discovery

Apokalips – I like this comic. It is fairly new to the scene.
Overcompensating – This is a great webcomic, fairly classic, not-so-classy. I was absolutely hooked with Awkward People Island.
Thinkin Lincoln – not sure why this wasn’t on my list yet – the comic is enshrined on our Internet Wall (along with xkcd and dinosaur comics). Quality has gone down lately (since the Bermuda Triangle arc), but the author just switched to a weekly format, so that should help. After all, Space Trips are only A Question of Science in the Two-Party System 🙂 [bonus win]

Paul Krugman Blog – one of the most influential economists of our times. His daily political musings are interesting and often turn me to other cool resources.
Paul Krugman – his New York Times opeds

Wired Top News – Fills the void in tech reporting that Ars Technica doesn’t cover. Great general geeky science stuff.

Cognitive Science
Neurophilosophy – good blog on the brain and philosophy from Science Blogs.

Study Hacks – good blog on becoming a better student, following many of the principles established by the rest of my Productivity section: doing less is more (to an extent)

DailyTech – DailyTech sucks. There is little to no editorial process – every single article has at least 3 typos and just wrong information. I could write better stuff in 7th grade. They also lag behind the rest of the tech journalism world by 2 days or so. I’ve kept subscribed to them because they had general science news and great hardware review overviews, but now that I’m a redditor, I don’t need this.
Reddits – see the reddit post

The master subscription list has been updated.

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